Monday, January 16, 2017

What to expect at your newborn session!


A 50% deposit is required to book prior to baby's arrival. I accept, check, credit, & paypal. 
Your gallery of edited, full resolution images (aprox 30-50) will be posted online 3-4  weeks from your session date. You can download them directly off the site!  Additional fees for peeling skin, blemishes, ect may apply)

Since we don't know exactly when the little one will arrive, its best to contact me as soon as you can, so we can find the best day and time for your session. (less than 2 weeks old is best)

I have wraps, hats, headbands, baskets, you name it! No need to bring anything unless you want to! If you are ordering items off etsy, make sure you do it way ahead of time! Sometimes it takes a while to get those cute hand made outfits/headbands/etc .

Please check out my Instagram account for my most current work! 

The studio is located at 818 Main. St. Suite, G (upstairs) , in downtown Pleasanton. 

There is a parking spot in the lot just for you! 

 Please plan on 2-3 hours for your session. Dad can bring his laptop/ipad, (I have WIFI!)  or run out to get lunch during the session. I am a firm believer in jammie pants and comfy clothes for this fun, but rather lengthy photo session.  I crank up the heat (80 degrees!) to make for a happy, half naked, sleeping baby.  Just a heads up! It gets toasty!!

Feel free to bring snacks for yourself, a pacifier,  LOTS of milk (pumped, formula, or straight from the source) for the little one.  whatever gets that baby milk drunk! Sleepy babies are best for portraits. It takes a LOT of patience and often many feedings to get all those fun shots. If you are supplementing with formula, picture day is a great time for a bottle, as it fills them up ! 

For sibling photos.. oftentimes they get restless being in studio for so long. They are more than welcome to hang out, but it may be less stressful for you, if someone could pick them up after they are done with the sibling and family photos. 

Being a Mommy myself, I have a true passion for capturing this special time in your life, and let me tell ya, they really do grow up in the blink of an eye!