Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Congrats Erin & Jesse!!!!

Erin & Jesse were just stunning this saturday out at the Lutsko Ranch in Capay Valley. (my favorite venue in the whole wide world, might I add) . 

And I don't just love it because its absolutely, amazingly, beautiful out there.. I love it because its the most welcoming place on earth.  The Lutsko family & all their friends are the kindest people. They are so loving, generous, happy, down to earth, and just the cutest family you ever did see.. 
I mean, I rarely choke up at toasts anymore.. but their toasts are so heart felt.. you cant help but get a little watery eyed. 

 I had the honor of taking pics out there last year for Erin's sisters big day.. and it was so wonderful to go back again. I wish there were more Lutsko kids ! I want to shoot a wedding there every year. =)

This time I went back with Shawnee.. and ... well.. check out this shot.. need I say more!? 
(love you shawnee! ) 

The details were just delish!!!!(Literally! There was a candy bar)
 I cannot believe all the hard work everyone put into these beautiful little bits&pieces that just tied the day together. It really gave it a special touch. 

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Sandi said...

Oh My God Lori and Shawnee!!! I'm speechless! I knew you would get every shot I wanted without me even having to tell you! What a nice write-up too. I'm so touched and wet eyed. I can't wait to see them all. Lutskos adore you!!!